Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest Webinar

by on March 8, 2012

Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest

When I first wrote my post about Pinterest and Skimlinks, I had no idea how big the issue would become and how much would happen with Pinterest in a very short time. The Pinterest/Skimlinks story hit the mainstream media and Pinterest ended up removing Skimlinks from the site. Just as that settled down, a new storm started brewing over Pinterest and copyright. I started getting questions from merchants and affiliates alike about the legalities and ethics of Pinterest as well as how affiliates and merchants could be using Pinterest. So when I was approached by Affiliate Summit to do a webinar, I decided it would be the fastest way to get as much information out there as possible.

Below is the video playback of that webinar, “When Pinterest Met Affiliate Marketing.” Here are the basics of what it covered:

  • What Is Pinterest? (Explanation and Demographics)
  • Rise of Pinterest
  • Legalities of Pinterest (Pinterest Terms of Service, Pin Etiquette, Copyright Law, and the FTC Guidelines for Affiliates)
  • Pinterest and Skimlinks (No more!)
  • Make Your Site Pin-Worthy and Pin-able
  • Backlink Building
  • Finding Pin Sources
  • Contests on Pinterest
  • Adding Affiliate Links to Pins
  • Merchant Tips
  • Bonus Tips (Gift Guides, Creating Boards, Hashtags, YouTube Videos)

Whether or not you agree that Pinterest is increasing conversions, the huge growth of the site and rise in popularity cannot be ignored. Are you using Pinterest for your business or do you think it is just a flash in the pan? Where do you stand on the ethical and legal considerations?

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