Planning a Pittsburgh Steelers Party

Pittsburgh Steelers Deluxe Party Pack
Getting ready for the season and want to add a little bit of authentic Pittsburgh to it? Living in Indiana, this is a challenge for me–but one that I readily accept! Here are my ‘burgh tips for a Pittsburgh Steelers party:

1) Terrible Towels: You can’t celebrate the Steelers without Terrible Towels. Preferably everyone at the party will have their own. You can get them online for less than $10 each.

2) Black and Gold Decorations: You can get Super Bowl decorations at almost any party store, but if you want actual Steelers plates, cups, and napkins, you will probably have to get them online. My favorite place for that is Get the Steelers logo items online and then buy your black and gold balloons, tablecovers, etc. locally.

3) Iron City Beer: Although I am not a beer drinker, Iron City is pretty much the official beer of Pittsburgh. If you don’t like Iron City, you can  go with Rolling Rock or Yuengling.

4) Chipped Ham Barbecue: You won’t be able to order “chipped ham” from the deli if you aren’t in Pittsburgh, but just ask them to shave it really thin for you and then kind of break it up into smaller pieces with your fingers. has a Pittsburgh Chipped Ham Barbecue recipe, but I make mine even easier than that because I cheat and start with a little pre-made BBQ sauce. Set it out in the crockpot with buns on the side for serving.

5) Heinz Ketchup: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

6) Clark Bars: Born in Pittsburgh, they are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth during the game.

7) Primanti Brother Sandwiches: Obviously you won’t be able to buy them if you aren’t near Pittsburgh, but you can make a pretty good imitation. The basics that you will need are sandwich meat, italian bread, french fries, coleslaw, and cheese. All of that goes on the sandwich–all of it! Need more information? Get the cole slaw recipe and meat ideas.
Watch the Man v. Food of Primanti’s below.

8) Kielbasa, sauerkraut, and pierogies: I like my pierogies with cheese and potato on the inside and sour cream on top. You should be able to find them in your freezer section (Schwan sells good ones as well).

9) Pittsburgh Steelers Polka: It’s been redone many times over the years and they update it every time the Steelers go to the playoffs. The video below just gives me chills. Love the Myron Cope “Yoi” and “Double Yoi”!

10) Smiley Cookies: Love those cookies from Eat ‘n Park? Get them online and in Steelers Black and Gold!! (Get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more with code 10OFF5) Just saw that they are also offering free shipping on all Steelers packs right now and you can schedule them to ship just in time for the game!

11) Pittsburghese: Make sure that yinz throw in a few “Stillers” and “‘burghs” when you are cheering and yinz will all have a terrific time at any Steelers Super Bowl Party!

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