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Rel Author Plugin for Thesis

September 3, 2011

Inspired by the Wil Reynolds keynote at Affiliate Summit as well as Eric Nagel’s custom rel=”author” coding, I convinced my husband that I needed a plugin for my sites. Most of my sites run the Thesis theme, so I asked him to make it Thesis specific. He likes to think bigger than that, so he […]

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Unintended Thesis Benefit: Education

February 17, 2010

I’ve stated before that I am a huge Thesis WordPress Theme fan. In fact, I only use Thesis on all of the new blogs that I start. Everyone talks about the obvious benefits of using Thesis like how customizable it is and the search engine optimization built into it. But I have found another huge […]

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Thesis WordPress Theme

January 27, 2009

So why did I decide to use a Thesis WordPress Theme for this blog? I’ve tried lots of different themes, some free and some not. I’ve done some customizing of various themes. The site of mine that I love the most (although it gets the least traffic and attention) is my chocolate site, Why […]

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