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This has been one of those weeks where I feel like I am missing everything because I am running days behind. The good news is that although this post was supposed to be up on Monday, we all still have a chance to help! Breast cancer awareness is a cause very close to my heart (see why I am Walking 40 Miles to Raise Money for Breast Cancer). Because of that, I helped come up with an idea along with a group of affiliate marketers to sell our Kindle books this week with all of the profits going to Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

Purchase any of the books listed on the Books4Boobies website before February 18 and the authors will donate their profits to AMGB. There are a variety of different books, but I’ll highlight the ones below that are most pertinent to our industry. The 4 that I contributed to are at the top.

SEO for Blogs (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare, Eric Nagel, Tricia Meyer) Basic Search Engine Optimization techniques that every blogger should be utilizing. This came from a podcast that the 4 of us did.

Choosing the Scope and Structure of Your Blog (Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Liz Fogg) Starting a new blog? This is the transcript of a podcast in which the 3 of us discussed issues like self-hosting, which platform you should use, and how to determine the topic for your site.

Internet Marketing From the Real Experts (Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, and The Gang of 88) Collection of affiliate, email, blogging, podcasting, video, search engine, and social network rock stars that break down the how and why of Internet marketing in a clear, easy to understand way.

The only print book in this book fundraiser is: It’s All About the Cookies (Mary Poiley, Missy Ward, and Jen Goode) A mouth-watering collection of recipes and thought-provoking insights affiliate marketers learned on their road to success – an interesting read and a wonderful addition to your own kitchen.

Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide for Beginners (Affiliate Marketing – Mastering Internet Marketing) (Todd Farmer) This guide is designed to teach you the basics of Affiliate Marketing. I want you to understand how it works, who the players are, and how you fit in.

MyContentPro’s Cheap-Ass Guide to Online Content (Online Content for Marketers) (Todd Farmer) Content for your website or online marketing project is a critical component for success. The goal of this eBook is to help you get the content you need, at the lowest price. Many of the sources and strategies uncovered in this eBook provide content for your websites, 100% Free.

Internet Marketing for Business Answers (Jim Kukral) The absolute best way to learn how to grow a successful business is to pay attention to how the experts have done it before you. Internet Marketing for Business Answers, the Small Business Expert Interviews edition puts you into a private one-on-one session with over 16 of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs on the Web.

No Publisher Needed – Crowdfunding Your Book – How I Raised Over $30k in 30-Days To Pre-Fund My New Book (Jim Kukral) You don’t need an agent or a publisher to make your new book a success. You can use the power of the crowd to pre-fund your book and create your own virtual signing bonus. That’s what I did. I raised over $30k in 30-days for my new book series. Want to know how to do it? That’s what this book is all about.

The Basics of Affiliate Success: Running a Business (Top Secrets of Successful Affiliate Marketing) (Billy Kay) Affiliates always joke that they make money in their bathrobes, and that affiliate marketing is “easy money”! But in reality, it IS… a business. If run it like a business, it can succeed. Billy offers these business tricks and tips to help establish, grow and sustain your affiliate marketing career.

Follow Me: Making Money with Blogging, Facebook Marketing & Twitter for Business (Dave Cupples) Former NSW Young Entrepreneur of the Year, SMX Idol Winner and International Speaker Dave Cupples shares leading Social Media case studies from around the world and the most effective tools and actionable cutting edge tips for businesses to skyrocket new leads and supercharge revenue using Facebook, Twitter and Blogging. Includes Tips & Tools to incentivize Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers & Blog Subscribers, How to spy on competitors and copy their most effective tactics, Tips & Tools to get your content shared by influencers and much more!

Best Practices for Coupon Sites (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare, Kim Salvino, Amy Ely, and Jeannine Crooks)

Best Practices for Creating Your Affiliate Agreement (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare, Eric Nagel)

Facebook + Email = Success (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare, Dave Cupples and David Iwanow)

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Thanks for reading! I am a lawyer, blogger, affiliate marketer, and consultant most known in the industry for my cashback site, You can reach me on Twitter @sunshinetricia.

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